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There are many facets to Society, Religion and Spirituality with all these being subject matters of intense debate the world over. This is because there are no clear cut definitions to any of them and what a person believes or follows is totally dependent on him/her individually. Further, there is often confusion between spirituality and religion and whether the two are interlinked or should be treated as separate entities.

In reality, spirituality is distinct from religion. Religion broadly can be defined to be a specific set of practices and beliefs that is shared by a group of people or community. Spirituality on the other hand has more to do with individual practice that gives an inner sense of peace and purpose. It is also about developing beliefs through which a person can connect to life thereby bringing about inner peace and leading to better health and wellbeing both at the physical and mental level.

The reason why we are explaining religion and spirituality in some detail here is because we want to give our readers a bird’s eye view of what our blog site is all about.

The concept of our blog site is really unique in nature. This is because there is nothing definitive about society, religion and spirituality that can be discussed in tangible terms. These are concepts of the mind, of the soul of the spirit and hence fully debatable.

This is what the team of writers at  has set out to do. We post various blogs on these topics without being judgemental or forming specific attitudes. We let our readers think about them and form their own opinions.

An example will clear this point further. One of our blogs deals with the effect of spirituality on well being. Our blogger has taken great pains to thoroughly research on the topic and has based his post on various studies conducted around the world. When you go through the post, you will find that references have been made to research and only the findings have been highlighted.

This is the theme of our blog site. We simply emphasize the many factors related to society, religion and spirituality. The final call is on our readers to extract necessary outlook on the subject.